Miniso Official Simple Selfie Stick / tongsis HP/ tongsis Miniso


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"Telescopic Length: 18-80cm
Net Weight: 109g"

  • Drive-by-wire operation. No need to connect bluetooth and to charge.
  • Premium stainless steel material. 6 kinds of length to choose, making multi-angle selfie."

Material: ABS, Ironware, Silicone

  • Applicable to system above Android 4.2.2 (camera-settings-volume button-shutter).
  • Applicable to system above IOS 5.01. No need to download any apps. Just insert it in audio socket and then you can take photos.
  • Easy to use and no need to charge. App"


  • Handle with care.
  • Do not drag the cable vigorously.
  • Do not disassemble and assemble it by yourself.
  • Please protect it from water."